5th December 2023 | 10:15 – 12:00 hrs. Saudi Arabian Time


Workshop A: Story Telling Skill/Communication skill in Health Care Improvement: Building Trust and Engagement

Workshop Leaders

Adel Al-Shabaan

Managing Director
Health.Links, powered by Press Ganey

Mecciya Majrashi

Saudi Patient Experience club


Workshop Partner

This by invitation only workshop initiated by Health.Links powered by Press Ganey, & co-presented by Saudi Patient Experience Club (SPXC), will teach the attendees how to gather and present personal impact stories in an engaging and safe manner.

An effective way of illustrating the benefits of integrated care is by telling the story of a person’s actual experience. Board members often direct discussions on quality and patient experience by using patient-related stories. Patients’ experiences also have a powerful impact on frontline employees, who are frequently inspired most by their one-on-one contact with patients. Who Should Attend: People working on health care reform initiatives who wish to communicate and share key lessons from their work through storytelling

Who Should Attend: People working on health care reform initiatives who wish to communicate and share key lessons from their work through storytelling.

Why Attend: It is commonly known that Telling stories about the experiences of patients and health care professionals can effectively engage others to work towards improvements.

Session Description:

Session 1: How to come up with a Good Story

In this session, we’ll discuss the various types of stories you may tell and what makes a good story. We will emphasise individual experiences that resonate with and uplift peers as well as patient stories that highlight the necessity and significance of your endeavour.

Session 2: Motivating Patients to Tell Their Stories Ethically and Responsibly

In this session, you will discover how to choose the best person to narrate the story idea that you came up with. In order for a patient to feel secure that they are presenting their experience on their own terms, trust is necessary before you can support them in doing so.

Session 3: Narrate your Story Effectively

When you have a powerful story, you must connect with your audiences where they are. In this session, we will discuss various methods for using stories to reach the audiences.

Session 4: A Story You’ve Told

Let’s find out who is the best story teller & winner gets a surprise hamper. In this session, Participants deliver the stories verbally. Trainers and participants will provide feedback to help improve your story. Best story gets a gift hamper.



13:00 – 16:00 hrs Saudi Arabian Time

Workshop B: Patient Experience Foundation Training and Certification – Fast Track (3 Hours)

Workshop Leader

Charles Bennett

President & CEO
CXSA Middle East


Workshop Partner: CXSA & PEN – Patient Experience Network Certified, UK

Workshop Overview: KSA is becoming one of the leading regions globally for healthcare. Patient Experience is now recognised as a core differentiator and it has to be constantly applied to a rapidly evolving healthcare environment where new challenges arise in a matter of days or weeks.

CXSA and The Patient Experience Network (PEN) are at the centre of innovating this critical area.

The Fast-Track Patient Experience Foundation (PXF) is a Level 1 workshop aimed at orienting Patient Experience professionals and related employees into the core components that are critical to building a patient-centric organisation, to support change thinking and approaches.

We recommend this workshop to all staff in aspiring patient centric organisations. Delegates also create their personal development roadmap to deliver against career aspirations.


  • Defining Patient Centricity & Experience versus Customer Centricity & Experience
  • Strategic Impact with supporting case studies
  • Core competencies for creating a patient centric company
  • Best practice vs next practice
  • Your role and roadmap

Agenda Topics: 

  • Definitions and core principles
  • Core competencies in PX
  • History and evolution
  • Characteristics of high-performers
  • What is PX Strategy? Why is it important?
  • Core techniques and methods that be used to assess & innovate patient experience
  • Patient Journey Mapping Level 1
  • Measures of Success
  • Your Role and Roadmap